Yellowing of nails: The use of nail polish to enhance the beauty of nails is a good thing, but it is not good to do this to hide the yellowness of the nails.  This can be quite dangerous for you.  Instead of hiding this yellowness, there is a need to know about its causes and measures to remove it.

Nails have an important role in the beauty of hands.  Clean and shiny nails not only look good, but they also identify your health.  Just as facial cleansing is necessary to look beautiful, in the same way, due to not taking proper care of the nails, they turn yellow which can be very dangerous.

Causes yellowing of nails :

Fungus infection may be the main cause of the yellowing of the nails.  Actually, other signs of this infection between the nail and the finger are not seen.  But due to this, the color of the nails starts to fade.

Nowadays the trend of applying matching nail paint to the dress is in full swing.  Many times, the use of nail paints causes the yellowing of the nails.  This hobby that enhances the beauty of the hands often becomes the reason for the malformation of the nails.  The upper layer of nails does not get natural oxygen due to continuous nail paint for a long time.  Due to this, they become yellow.

Yellowing of nails

Remedy to remove yellowing of the nails:-

To remove the yellowing of the nails, first of all,

  • Get your nails examined by your doctor.  If the color of your nails has faded due to fungal infection, they will advise you to clean your nails and take some anti-bacterial drugs.  But if your nails are yellow due to the use of nail polish or any other chemical, you can try the tips given below.
  • Lukewarm two glasses of water.  Drain this water in a bowl and mix mild bathing lotion and immerse your hands in it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rub the nails lightly with the help of a nailbrush.  Along with cleaning the top layer, clean the edges of the nails as well.
  •  Now make a paste by mixing two-three pinches of soda and one teaspoon of lemon juice in another bowl.  Apply this paste to the nailbrush and rub it on the nails.  This will work to reduce the yellowness of your nails. After this procedure applies moisturizer on the nails.
  •  Get a manicure done once a week.  Before applying the manicure, apply some vitamin-rich oil on the nails and rub gently with your hands.  Rubbing daily will reduce the yellowing of the nails within a few days.
  •  The simplest way to get rid of yellow nails is to scrub it with toothpaste.  This will not only remove the nail stains, but it will also become white and shiny.
  •  While applying nail polish, always use only branded nail polish of good quality.  Chemical nails used in cheap nail polish turn yellow
  •  While applying nail polish, always use only branded nail polish of good quality.  Chemical nails used in cheap nail polish turn yellow.

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