How to do the X Man Crunch exercise for Abs?

Lie on your back with your hands stretched at your sides and legs apart.

Lift your legs and arms off the floor. Then raise your upper body and squeeze your arms and knees towards your abdominals.

Lower your arms and legs (but don’t touch the floor) and repeat the exercise.

Check below image

X Man Crunch exercise for Abs

1) Just lie down on the floor.
2) Take your hands out to the side deep also to be out to the side like a cross with your hands.
3) light you thinking side off the ground six inches.
4) Now Contract everything comes in
5) Now Get it back to cross everything.
6) Repeat it again and again.
7) Your shoulder blades go down or your feet go down.
8) Keep the attention on your stomach, at all times again.

Check out below video

While doing this workout if you get discomfort in the neck look at something on the ceiling just a couple of feet in from of you. While your exercise so repetitions are shown.

I also recommend you to follow the picture shown below and also follow the video given below.

Benefits of X Man Crunch exercise for Abs

1) This exercise is actually designed to tone the core muscles of the body.
2) X Man Crunch exercise is also known for strengthening the core muscles.
3) This is also the cause of improving body posture.
4) It also increases the mobility and flexibility of the muscles.
5) the rectus abdominal and the oblique muscles are tightened While doing this workout.

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