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Now you can do the exercise at your home without having any premium Gym membership. If you really want to Melt that unwanted Fat. The best thing about this tip is, You really don’t need any equipment to perform this workout. By following this workout you can actually get a fit and slim body. Second awsome thing about this workout is that you perform this workout you using your own weight.

This Workout tips are picked from the Women’s Health Big Book. You can easily burn fat, tone every muscle and improve your fitness.

You only have to Follow the Exact procedure to do this exercise. As much repetitions are prescribed here, Make sure to do only. You can take the rest of two minutes after completing every workout. it’s and Workout at Home without any equipment.

Exercise 1: Bodyweight Squat

1) Take Feet shoulder-width apart,
2) Make Toes Slightly turned out.
3) Now just Pull in lower abs,
4) Take your eyes forward.
5) Now just slowly bend your knees
6) Just Drop hips to lower body.
7) Make sure to Pause for a moment at bottom of the exercise.
8)Now just push back to the starting point
9) Repeat it as much heigher you can.

Home workout

Exercise 2: Incline Push-up

This is an elevated form of a traditional push-up. This workout basically works on your chest, arms and the shoulders. It really takes the pressure off your arms. It Also pressures off shoulders to provide a solid chest workout.

How to do incline push-ups

1) Get a Bench that’s stable.
2) make it so your arms are straight out. We have the angle glutes tight and lat not up.
3) Straight elbows.
4) Rotate it in as you go down.
5) Come down and up.
6) Repeat the Exercise.
7) Do it at least 10-12 reps.

Home workouts for women

Exercise 3: Hip Raise

This is a hip lift exercise. This exercise mostly affects the abs and increases the strength of abdominal parts. It is also little stressful for the back. Make sure to do at lease two sets and 10-12 Repetitions.

How to do?

1) Lie down on the floor using Back.
2) Now draw just your feet towards your hip.
3) Let your arms rest on the floor.
4) You have to now push feet to the floor. Make sure to focus on driving heels down, And also at the same time.
5) Now just engage glutes and also back muscles to raise your hips up until your hips align with your shoulders and knees.
6) Now just get to the Starting position and repeat it.

Home workout by laying

Exercise 4: Side Plank

This is totally a balancing workout where you need to balance your body weight and you lose the side fat. It can help you to sustain the good body posture by building the strong core.

1) Lie down with your right side.
2) You lest must be extended and stacked also from hip to feet.
3) make sure that your head is in line with the spine.
4) Now engage your abdominal muscle.
5) just lift your hips and knees from mat. Make sure to exhale meanwhile.
6) After few breath, Just inhale and get to the starting position and Repeat the exercise.

Home workout for abs

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