White Teeth: - Nowadays everyone wants a white and beautiful smile, but for many people, this is not possible due to the yellowing of teeth. Although we can get white teeth by brushing teeth regularly, this is not possible for everyone. Nowadays many people spend many to get white teeth. There are many cosmetic treatments for white teeth that are very expensive. Many times you also go to the dentist for teeth whitening. Brush several times a day, but it does not always work. So we will tell you its symptoms and home remedies which will prove to be very beneficial for you. Best Natural Way to Whiten Teeth.

Best Natural Way to Whiten Teeth

Causes of Yellowing of Teeth

  1. Consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, gutka, etc. also causes the yellowing of teeth.
  2. Tea, Chocolate, Snacks, etc. Eating sweet things also increases the yellowing of teeth.
  3. Increases the acidity in sweeteners which are harmful to Enamel.
  4. Overeating blueberries and cherries also causes the yellowing of teeth.
  5. Often we use hot spices like red chili, turmeric, long, but you do not know this. This also increases the yellowness of our teeth.

Home remedies for whitening teeth

  1. Brush daily. Brush at least 3 times a day.  This helps maintain the whiteness of your teeth and clean your tongue as well.  It does not smell in your breath.


  1. Charcoal powder can whiten your teeth in a day, yes, the proper use of charcoal powder can remove the yellowing of teeth in a pinch. You can brush with charcoal the same way you brush with Colgate by adding a little water and you will see a huge difference.


  1. Take baking soda and add salt to it and make a paste. Make him rub his teeth.  You can also use a brush for that.  This will also make your teeth look quite white.  After that rinse and drink a glass of water.


  1. Salt is very beneficial for whitening your teeth. Brush with salt every night before sleeping. You can also use your fingers to brush with salt.


  1. Neem toothbrush is very beneficial for your teeth. It kills germs of your teeth and increases the whiteness of your teeth.

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