What is our skin type: -Do you know. What is our skin type? Our skin is of five types.  We have to adopt different methods for every skincare. If we do not take care of our skin properly then there is a fear of getting pimples on our face. Everyone has different skin types, so adopt your own methods to take care of your skin. Today we will tell you different but different tips and care according to which skin you should care for and how you should follow the tips below to see it. Know more about what is our skin type?

What is our skin type 1

Our Skin is of 5 Types

  1. Normal Skin
  2. Oily Skin
  3. Dry Skin
  4. Combination Skin
  5. Sensitive Skin

How to Take Care of Them

Normal skin

Normal skin does not suffer much.  Normal skin is very normal.  Neither is oily nor dry.  This skin is very perfect.  This also keeps blood circulation fine and skin people mostly have to keep in mind that before going to bed at night, make sure to remove your makeup and clean it by removing makeup.  Otherwise, there is a fear of your skin getting bad.

Normal Skin

Oily skin

Such skin has a high amount of oil on the nose and holidays and on cheeks.  This oil content is high because sebum is produced more in this type of skin.  Due to the same, there is more oil in oily skin. To keep oily skin fine, wash your face at least 2 times a day and always keep it moisturized and drink plenty of water.

Oily skin

Dry Skin

To take care of dry skin, you moisturize dry skin daily.  Drink lots of water. And do not forget to apply sunscreen because this dry skin has a rough plan.  It feels instant and irritation also, so it is necessary to take care of it.

Dry Skin

Combination Skin

Such skin has both oily skin and dry skin. This type of skin has a lot of oil on the forehead and nose, but the cheeks are very dry. To take care of this skin, you must do a cleanser and also apply sunscreen. Use of oil-free product.

Combination skin

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is very delicate.  It is itchy. Sensitive skin remains oily in summer and remains dry in winter. For sensitive skin, you should use cleanser and moisturizer. Sensitive skin requires more beauty care.

Sensitive skin

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