Wall sit Exercise: You can try to do this exercise with the dumbells as lat raise, Shoulder press, Bice curls, resistance back and crossed arms, and many more.

How to Do Wall sit Exercise?

1) Take yourself back, Just against the wall.
2) Slide down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle.
3) Now just keep your back against the wall with your hands and arms away from your legs.
4) Now you just need to hold the position

Follow the Image and make sure to have exact position

Wall sit Exercise

Check out Below Video

The longer you can hold is the key to get better strength. This exercise is done to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. You should do at least 2 sets with one 30 seconds of rest. Just make sure your legs are in the right angle. If your thighs are not parallel to the ground your workout will not give any positive result. Make sure to hold the wall sit position at least 20 to 30 seconds. You must also increase this duration from time to time. If you actually follow the above rules and methods you definitely get the best result out of it.

Benefits of Wall Sit Exercise

1) This exercise is the best one for your hips, lower abs, sculpting your thighs.
2) Wall Sit exercise can be done by anyone. Age does not matter.
3) It targets your knees and back.
4)This exercise is most important for the legs.
5) The wall sit exercise works for your entire lower body.
6) This exercise works from your glutes to quads.
7) One of the main work of this exercise is to increase muscular endurance.
8) This exercise can actually burn the high calories As compare to other exercises.
9) Even if you sit at least 15 seconds it will definitely increase your heart rate. More hear beat means higher calories burn.

10) Endurance can be increased by doing this exercise.
11) Keep in mind that wall sit exercise does not build your muscle mass. But it helps to increase your muscular endurance.
12) It can give you more benefits if you are an athlete or a sports player.
13) You will find this exercise best alternate for squats. If you these squats are harder. you can do this one.
14) You can do this exercise. You actually don't need any equipment to do this workout.
15) Finally, There's a lot of fun to do this exercise. There are a lot of online wall sit contests and challenges.

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