How to Do Wall PUSh-Ups Exercise

1)Go to wall
2)Take your hands about shoulder-width about shoulder height as well belly goes up.
3)you can lower your chest towards the wall.
4)Try to keep your trunk and your legs straight.

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Wall PUSh-Ups Exercise

In this exercise, you just need to go to the wall and take your hands about shoulder-width and About shoulder height. As well belly goes up and you can lower your chest towards the wall.

Wall Push-Ups Exercise

Try to keep your trunk and your legs straight. Make sure you're breathing in as you go towards the wall and then breathing out as you extend yourself back up into starting position. Base on your strength these might be too easy for you and then you could go to a desk and try these.


You could simply do a push-up from the floor. This is a good beginner's exercise to get out of the chair position. Engage your belly muscles and facilitates strengthening through your lumbar spine. If you could try to do about fifteen to thirty reps and try to do couple times per day if you can only do ten that's fine as long as you're getting out of the chair position.

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Benefits Of Wall Push-Ups Exercise


1) This workout is basically best for the Beginners
2) This workout has been most probably recommended to Those who have a shoulder injury.
3) this is the most helpful for the Shoulder and the chest.
4) It a type of push-up exercise.
5) This workout basically works on Arms, Shoulders, and chest muscles.
6) you can heal shoulder injuries by doing this exercise.
7) If you can have normal push-ups, you can do this exercise instead of a normal push-up.

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