Vomiting and Diarrhea: - it’s can happen to any small or big member of the household for any number of reasons, the most important being indigestion. Sometimes, due to cold or heat, contaminated food also causes vomiting and diarrhea. Everyone experiences stomach upset and indigestion or dyspepsia from time to time after eating or drinking. The condition is usually not a cause for concern, and it is often possible to treat the symptoms using home remedies. What is the reason for vomiting and diarrhea? Vomiting and diarrhea Causes, Treatment, and remedies.

Home remedies for vomiting and diarrhea

1) Lemon Juice

In case of vomiting, drinking Lemon Juice mixed with water provides quick benefits.

lemon juice

2) Cinnamon

Take one or two cloves, cinnamon, or cardamom in your mouth and suck these spices, being medicine to stop vomiting, they prove to be very helpful in stopping vomiting.


3) Juice of Basil

Taking one spoon of juice of basil leaves with honey is beneficial in vomiting.

juice of basil leaves with honey

4) Onion juice

Drinking one spoon of onion juice is also beneficial in vomiting.

onion juice

   5) ice: - If there is frequent vomiting in summer, then the ice should be sucked.


6) Drinking mint juice is also beneficial in vomiting.


7) Taking the juice of coriander leaves and pomegranate after a while in turn also stops vomiting.


8) Taking 1/4 spoon dry ginger with one spoon of honey, provides quick relief in vomiting.


9) By keeping a piece of lemon with black salt in the mouth, you do not vomit, it stops.


10) Taking half spoon cumin seeds with groundwater provides quick relief in vomiting.


11) Taking one spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water provides instant relief in vomiting.


Best remedies for vomiting and diarrhea

14) Lick with honey and cinnamon in case of vomiting of bile.


15) Grind this herb with honey and lick it, it ends with vomiting.


16) One should not sleep immediately after eating food. Make a habit of walking after eating.  Whenever you sleep, sleep on your right hand. This will prevent the contents of your stomach from coming into the mouth.


17) Taking curd and rice with sugar candy provides relief in diarrhea.

honey and cinnamon

Curd and Rice

17) Taking curd and rice with sugar candy provides relief in diarrhea.


18) Taking one spoon of ginger, lemon juice with black pepper also provides relief in diarrhea.


19) Roast fennel and cumin seeds in equal quantity and grind them.  Taking it thrice a day with half a teaspoon of water provides relief in diarrhea.


20) Eating a banana, apple marmalade, and ripe banana provide instant relief in diarrhea.


21) Suck a piece of ginger or drink ginger tea in case of diarrhea, it also calms stomach cramps and provides relief in diarrhea.


22) To prevent diarrhea, take rice flour mixed with salt and black pepper, it ends diarrhea.

Curd and Rice

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23) Grind the leaves of the Jamun tree and mix rock salt in it and take one-fourth spoonful of it in the morning and evening, it ends diarrhea.


24) Do not take the milk and things made from it in case of diarrhea.


25) When diarrhea comes, minerals or fluids come out of the body with diarrhea, drink ORS solution to meet their deficiency.

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