How to do V-Hold Exercise for Abs?


1) Lie on your back

2) Now try to reach your arms slowly to your side, off the floor.

3) Next, lift your legs from the floor.

4)Now point them

5) Make them as 45-degree angle.

6) Now lift your head also so the head leaves the floor

7) Now you must be in the position as shown in the below image.

8) Now bend your legs little and hold the position


Reps and duration


In this exercise, you just need to have the same position. while holding the same position your abdominal part is being trained.

We always recommend to see the image and given below video.

V-Hold Exercise for Abs

Check out below videos

Benefits of V-Hold Exercise for Abs?

1) your abdominal part is trained in this exercise.
2) Abdominal muscle plays a big role in body posture.
3) this exercise helps to fix the spine, balance, stability, and respiratory functions.
4) This exercise also helps to reduce the common issue including back pain.
5) This exercise also helps to prevent the breathing issues.
6) By doing this exercise you can improve the performance in sports.
7) It also reduces lower back pain.
8) You can increase the weight lifting.

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