Upright rows: This is one of the best workouts that actually engages the traps of your shoulders. Traps are those parts, Can give the "V" shape to your shoulder. Most of the people just miss this workout. This is the most beneficial workout. Basically, it's a weight lifting workout. you have to lift the Barbell to the head.

How to do Upright rows?

1) Have a bar with liftable weight. Make sure that it's facing you body.
2) Stand up straight.
3) Adjust your grip.
4) you hand must be in line with the thighs.
5) Keep your chest up and back straight.
6) Your eyes focus must be front of you.
7) Lift the barbell toward up till the chin.
8) Pause for 1 second there.
9) Take bar down
10) Repeat

Follow below image

Upright rows

Check out Below Video

Benefits of Upright rows

  1. This exercise actually hits the deltoids parts.
  2. While Performing this workout, You increase the strength of the shoulders and rotators.
  3. It also works on the multiple muscles of the shoulders.
  4. Mainly works on mid-delt and traps.
  5. It also hits your biceps, and then traps, forearms, and rotators of the shoulders.
  6. It also engages the Hand muscle like:- your Fingers.
  7. One more benefit of doing this workout is gripping. You can increase the gripping strength.
  8. You can also increase the power of weight lifting.

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