How to do Triceps dips Exercise?

1) Just sit on the chair.
2) Move your hips off the chair with your hands holding the edge of the chair.
3) Now just bend and stretch your arms to make your body up and down.
4) This workout is really great for the triceps muscles.
5) Make at least 10-12 reps and 3 sets.

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Triceps dips Exercise

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Benefits of Triceps dips Exercise

1) Awsome exercise to activate your Tricep muscle.
2) You can keep your body balanced.
3) It most powerful exercise to maintain strength in your triceps Muscles.

Few Minor instructions

Get your self in the position to start by rolling your shoulders down. Start from the good posture. Sometimes we tend to slump forward and then we get potentially cause an extra strain on the shoulder joint. So set yourself up by rolling the shoulder back, opening up the chest. Bringing your hands directly underneath your shoulders onto the bench or onto the ground. while lowering the hips down exhale to the extent the elbows and lift your body up.


1)The biggest mistake most of the people make is, When the comedown, sinking into the shoulder. you want to really try to just depress the shoulder blades down your back So that you keep your neck nice and long.

2) People just tend to move their hips up and down. and there's no action going on in the elbow joint itself. The action in the elbow joint needs to be election and extension Because that's gonna engage the tricep muscle.

Make sure to focus on the above common mistakes here. So now this is the whole focus of the tricep dip. Elbow flexion, elbow extension start to strengthen the tricep muscle group. Which is that muscle that tends to jiggle on some of us when we wave? This is the great exercise to tighten it up.

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