Top 10 Beauty Tips: - We often find top10 beauty tips outside, but we forget that if we add some good things to our household things, then we get beauty tips for small, but very useful things. So today, we will tell you how the beauty tips of small but big things are like. We can get even better beauty tips by mixing a few things we use a lot. Follow the article below for that.

Beauty tips at work
  1. If you use body lotion no matter what brand of body lotion it is. If you add a few drops of baby oil to it and apply it well on your entire body, then it will give a different glow in your body and your body will be very glowing.


  1. Avocado is a type of fruit. Match this fruit and apply it to your whole body and leave it for 20 minutes. After that wash it thoroughly with mild lukewarm water. By applying it, you will get a different glow on your body and your body will become very soft.


  1. If you use pencil mascara and it breaks when you apply it, then the entire make-up is also incomplete. So you have to keep it in the freezer for 15 minutes before using the pencil mascara. After that, the pencil does not break the mascara and you can apply it well to your eyes.


  1. Many times it happens that when we use postal lipstick, it spreads. If this has ever happened to you, do not rub it, but take a little cotton ball. Dip her in a makeup remover and apply it there.  As far as your lipstick has spread.  This will not show any lipstick marks around your lips.


  1. You can also use lipstick for blush if your blusher is over or not broken while applying makeup. It also gives you a blush-like look.

But if you do not have lipstick, then you cannot use your blusher for that.

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