Tobacco causes cancer: - Tobacco is nothing but just a plant that produces leaves which are used in cigarettes, pipes, etc. The leaves of the tobacco plant are used for smoking or chewing. It is used in various products (such as cigars or cigarettes) that are made from tobacco. So did you ever think about what a cigarette really is? A cigarette is just a paper tube filled with dried tobacco. When a cigarette is lighten up it produces smoke which delivers dangerous drug con nicotine. Like all drugs nicotine and tobacco changes the way your body and brain work.

tobacco causes cancer

What is tobacco and how it is produced?

  1. Tobacco is a plant that has a frown in many places around the world.
  2. After tobacco is harvested it is dried and mixed with other substances.
  3. It is then rolled in paper tune which is further known as cigarettes.
  4. Some people smoke tobacco and cigarettes, some people. Smoke tobacco and cigars, some people chew tobacco. They don’t swallow it they spit it out.

Usage of tobacco is legal for people 18 years and older, but legal doesn’t mean that it is safe it’s against the law for people under the age of 18 because tobacco products are very harmful especially to the kids as tobacco contains many harmful chemicals, a very dangerous drug called nicotine. Tobacco causes cancer.

essay on tobacco causes cancer

The harmful substance which tobacco consists of: -

  1. Nicotine: - Nicotine is a compound that is used in bug spray by this only you can assume how dangerous nicotine is.
  2. Tar: - Tobacco also contains other toxins or poisons like tar, it’s the same tar used to pave roads.
  3. Carbon Monoxide: - It also contains carbon monoxide; it’s the same carbon monoxide that came out from the car's exhaust pipe.
  4. Methanol: - Methanol is a chemical that is used in rocket fuel.

There are over 7000 harmful substances in tobacco smoke.

Major side effects of consuming tobacco:-

  1. It may lead to various respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma which is mainly caused due to smoke, and tuberculosis.
  2. It may also have a bad effect on pregnancy and its outcome is bleeding during pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage/abortion, premature delivery of baby, stillbirth, and abnormalities of the placenta.
  3. Increased risk of allergies. Tobacco causes cancer
  4. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  5. Smoking can damage every part of our body it has bad effects on every part such as kidney, liver, diabetes, damage to eyes, and may also lead to cancer too.
  6. When toxins enter into smokers' body that beginner to change how the brain and body work in a very unhealthy way. Everything about tobacco and nicotine is bad for our bodies.
  7. Tobacco causes cancer.

From the above article, you have learned about what is tobacco, how it is prepared, and its side effects. Now there are various therapies available to leave addiction to tobacco. Also, there is a medicine available name as nicotex which helps to stop addiction.

Hope this article was meaningful to you and provides you great information. So stop consumption of tobacco. Also don’t allow anyone to consume it as it is very harmful and dangerous which may destroy one life. And if once he/ she get addicted to it then it is very difficult to leave it. Hope you enjoy reading it.

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