Tips for sharpen eyesight Eyes are very precious for us. We see the world with these eyes. So it is our responsibility that we take care of it. Now times many people are struggling with eye problems. Even adults and teenagers have also complaints related to eyes. Often people have complaints of watery eyes. And it is found in young children a lot. it’s is because of poor lifestyle and lack of vitamins.  People don’t sleep on time they watch videos late at night. Most of the people work on the computer so by that also our eyes become weak. How do we take care of our eyes, it means a lot but nobody thinks about it? Today I will tell you in this blog, which food should we eat, which exercise should we do to make our eyes better? What should we eat to improve our eyesight? How can we sharpen our eyesight? Which food should we eat to sharpen our eyesight? What are some exercises for the eyes?

Close-up of female eye. Concepts of laser eye surgery or visual acuity check-up
  1. Take vitamin A in your food
  2. Eat rich vitamin C and E food
  3. Do exercise daily
  4. Give some rest to your eyes
  5. Take a proper sleep
  6. Avoid smoking
  7. Take an exam regularly
  8. Use sunglasses

Take vitamin A in your food

Include vitamin food in your diet. You can take this vitamin from carrot and spinach. except it, sauces, eggs, milk, and sweet potatoes are also good sources of vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important for our eyes. Due to lack of vitamin A, there can create eye problems like night blindness. Have nutritious food. Try to include every nutrient in your food. Vitamin C and E are also helpful to improve your eyesight.


Eat rich vitamin C and E food

        Eat rich vitamin A and Vitamin c food daily. Orange and lemon are good sources of vitamin c. It is helpful to treat many diseases, such as high blood pressure. it is important for your growth. Vitamin c repairs your body tissues as well as, it is helpful to improve eyesight. Add vitamin c in your food daily if you take lemon or orange so it will sharpen your eyes as well as improve your memory.

Do exercise daily

Exercise is very important. All people should do exercise daily to keep the body healthy.  We all do all body exercise except eye exercise. if you want a healthy eye so you must do eye exercise. such as:

Put your palm on your eyes for a few minutes and remove

Put both palms on your eyes and feel relaxed and after sometimes remove it. Do this exercise five to 8 times daily. It is a relaxing exercise you will feel good.


Blink eyes to refresh your eyes

You should blink your eyes again and again to refresh your eyes. If you notice so you know that a person blinks eyes very less. People have habit that they watch television or working on the computer without blinking their eyes more. We continuously see T.V and videos. Bright light harms our eyes very badly. it makes your eyesight dim. You should blink your eyes minimum 10-15 times quickly. Close your eyes and be relaxed, then open your eye after 20 seconds.


Eye press exercise

Close your eyes and press it with your two fingers for 1 minute. Then open your eyes. Do this at least 5-6 times. It will really get you feel relaxed. When your eyes pain so you can do this exercise. It refreshes your eyes as well as helps you to see clearly. Do this exercise for 10 minutes. And don’t open your eyes suddenly after closing. Always open your eyes slowly.

   Give some rest to your eyes

 Continuous use of something is bad. If you watch T.V continuously, your eyes will be damage as well as there is the risk to damage your eyes.  As you get tired by doing work same your eyes also get tired by seeing. You should save your eyes from harmful lights. For example, you shouldn’t sit in more lights. When you work on the laptop or mobile decrease brightness. Don’t watch mobile and T.V more.

Take a proper sleep

Proper sleep is very important. By sleeping our body recovers. You get rest. While doing work our body and mind get tired. When you sleep so your mind is fresh. And you feel active. When you don’t take proper sleep, so you feel headache and you are unstable mentally. Poor sleep is caused of poor memory. And you are unable to focus on your study and work. the person who takes proper sleep that person is always fresh active. By taking proper sleep you can kill many diseases.

Young woman with beautiful face sleeping well on white cotton sheets and soft pillow lying asleep in comfortable cozy bed at home or hotel enjoying healthy nap resting enough for good relaxation

     Avoid smoking

Stop smoking. It is poison for you that kills you slowly. It is cause of cancer. As well as it damages your lungs very badly. And it is harmful to your eyes also. It can because of blindness. As well as smoking is a reason of acidity.

Smoking cigarette


Use sunglasses

Sunglasses are good for the eyes because it protects our eyes from dust. And helps to see a clear vision.

It is not necessary, that who has a problem in the eyes only those people should wear sunglasses. A common sunglass can save you from a big accident. Sometimes you drive a car or bike so suddenly dust comes in your eyes and you are unable to drive your car or bike.

Close-up of female eyes in glasses
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