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Welcome to a replacement blog, this blog describes the new animated web series which is in demand now a days. This web series shows the lifetime of great Hanuman. This web series was released on 29 Jan 2021. This was released in Hindi language but after release it was dubbed into various languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali. This is an animated series. It is directed by great director Jeevan J. Kang, Navin John. There are total 13 episodes in the series. Each episode shows different part of life of Hanuman. Also the description of every episode is given below. The description tells a brief about every pisode.
Hanuman (Damandeep Singh Baggan) lives like a standard vaanar (monkey) and is forbidden to use his powers, on instructions of his king Sugreev (Vikrant Chaturvedi). Things change when the vaanar sena (the monkey force) meets Ram (Sanket Mhatre) and Lakshman (Richard Joel). Ram offers his help to Sugreev (Vikrant Chaturvedi), who is looking to get back his kingdom and his wife Ruma. Later, Hanuman follows the 2 brothers to find Sita (Surbhi Pandey).

o The Season 1 of this series was release on 29 January 2021
o This was directed in Hindi language
o Also dubbed in various language like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali
o Genre of the series :- Animation, Drama
o Director of the series is Jeevan J. Kang, Navin John
o Production work is completed by :- Graphic India
o There are total 13 Episodes in season 1

It is available on various online platforms now, but earlier it had been launched on Disney hotstar. you’ll also download from various websites.

Description of Episodes :-
There are in total 13 episodes in season one and that they are as listed below :-
1. The Legend Begins
2. The monkey king
3. Kishkindha Bound
4. The Promise
5. Spirits Of The Forest
6. Darkness Rises
7. The Yaksha King
8. Enter The Void
9. The Cave
10. Indra’s Curse
11. Sampati Rises
12. The Mango and therefore the Sun
13. Forgotten Truths

• The Legend Begins :- Since he was bound from his powers as a toddler , Hanuman now lives the lifetime of a simple vaanar warrior serving his king Sugreev, until an encounter with Ram and Lakshman sets him on a special path.

• The monkey king :- Hanuman takes Ram and Lakshman to satisfy the exiled vaanar king. Sugreev has doubts about the humans and suspects they could be agents of his brother, Vaali.

• Kishkindha Bound :- Sugreev accepts Ram’s help and journeys with Hanuman to Kishkindha to get back his kingdom and his beloved wife, Ruma. But first he must face his brother, the tyrant Vaali.

• The Promise :- Lost in celebration of his victory over Vaali, Sugreev faces the results of being an oath-breaker. Meanwhile, Prince Angad struggles with the death of his father.

• Spirits Of The Forest :- As Hanuman begins his look for Sita, Angad encounters the peaceful spirits of the forest and learns of the darkness that hunts them.

• Darkness Rises :- While Angad and Hanuman must learn to figure together, a dark force from Ram’s past sets its eyes upon the vaanars to prevent their quest.

• The Yaksha King :- Hanuman and therefore the group are taken to a kingdom of Yakshas where they find themselves trapped by dark vines and a vengeful king

• Enter The Void :- As Angad descends further into darkness, Hanuman faces the evil forces within the vines. At the identical time, Jambhvan must show his strength to save lots of his friends.

• The Cave :- to save lots of Angad, the group must enter the mysterious cave of Rikshabila, an area of danger, deception and death

• Indra’s Curse :- Hanuman’s team faces a devastating revelation that challenges their loyalties. Later, they encounter the strange Vaalakhilya and learn of their curse.

• Sampati Rises :- Sampati, the elder brother of the good Jatayu, rises from his slumber. But is that the anguished creature friend or foe?

• The Mango and therefore the Sun :- Hanuman hears voices in the wind and wonders if something is wrong. that’s when Jambhvan helps him confront memories of a life forgotten.

• Forgotten Truths :- Hanuman learns the reality about himself as Vayu reveals to him what it means to be a true hero and legend.

Review : –
This isn’t any ordinary animation series. Its well researched, well detailed stories and with super animation.

• Charuvi has already did amazing Hanuman Chalisa. they need to get into all our ancient history to create such great epic series.
• And for Lord Hanumana, Lord Shri Ram bhakt its a treat to observe . Standard of this show is extremely high. Not many of us even know many stories and connections. Character detailing is additionally great.
• Its a requirement watch for kids and family. God bless Charuvi labs and every one the people involved in creating this master piece. i’m sure they will keep doing their amazing work with abilities given by Lord Hanumana.
• One of the simplest pieces of content to watch on the OTT platform. This very series gives us the much-needed break from the monotony across the platforms.
• Reviews given thereto are amazing. and therefore the response is also good. The viewers are enjoying watching it.

So, this was all about this web series. you’ll definitely watch this one with your friends, relations and children. you’ll have a great time and a lot by seeing the animations of the series. you’ll also read our another blogs which describes the Season 2 of this web series.
Thanks for reading this blog.
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