Throat Infection: - Throat pain, swelling, infection is the Eating excessively spicy, spicy, or fried foods cause sore throat. Sometimes due to cold, pain and swelling in the throat also comes and the voice system worsens, the voice stops coming from the throat and there is a pain in the throat. Throat pain, swelling, infection also occurs in tonsils, infections, viral fever, cough, or chickenpox. In this case, there is some difficulty while eating and even there is the problem in swallowing sputum. throat infection medicine.

In diphtheria disease, due to the formation of membrane, the trachea is closed and if there is a wound in the throat, deodorant secretion also comes out. There is a lot of trouble at night due to pain in the throat; Because the night has to be eaten again and again. Then there is a wound in the throat due to the dryness, which causes the voice to stop and irritate. In bronchitis disease, cough occurs due to cough in the throat of the patient. Green, yellow and reddish mucus comes out and there is pain spreading in the neck to the shoulder. If you have a more serious wound in the throat or you have been suffering from this problem for a long time, then immediately meet a doctor and seek treatment with anti-biotic medicine, so do not try home remedies.

Home remedies for pain, sore throat, swelling 1

Throat Infection Symptoms Home remedies for pain, sore throat, swelling

  • To remove swelling or throat pain, boil two teaspoons of tea parsley in half a liter of water, filter it for fifteen-twenty minutes and add a little salt to it. Gargle with this water in the morning and at night before going to sleep, it will be beneficial immediately.


  • If the throat is swollen and phlegm comes out, chew half a teaspoon of parsley before going to bed at night and drink warm water from above. This stops coughing.


  • In the condition of throat pain, mix equal quantity of dry coriander and sugar candy and chew it for two to three days a day for a spoonful. It will also provide relief in mouth ulcers.
Home remedies for pain, sore throat, swelling
  • Take five-six pepper and six-seven basil leaves. Boil them in a cup of water and make a decoction. Do it three times daily for two to three days, you will get rid of the problem of throat pain.
  • Kathi and black pepper decoction will also give relief from pain in the throat.
  • Mixing half a teaspoon of ghee and ground sugar in black pepper is beneficial for the throat.
  • Decoction of black pepper, cloves, salt, and neem leaves is also very useful in the pain of the throat.
  • Garages with vinegar, salt, lemon, or garlic juice give a lot of benefit to the throat. Add a teaspoon of salt to lukewarm water or add vinegar or add lemon juice. Anyhow gargle three times a day.
  • The garage is also very effective by adding garlic juice to water. Apart from this, boiled licorice in water and then cooled down to gargle, also have a good effect.
  • Lick the powder of licorice with half a teaspoon of honey two or three times a day.
  • Suck raw icing in the mouth when it is stitched. Also read - Causes, Symptoms, Types, and Treatment of throat tonsils
  • Sucking betel root in the mouth is also beneficial in the condition of throat pain.
  • Lick ginger juice, clove powder, and asafetida thrice a day.
  • Mixing 2 grams (half teaspoon) half glass (125 grams) of puffed alum in warm water and gargling 2-3 times a day ends swelling and pain of the throat. In addition to sore throat and swelling, it keeps the throat like a sore, without clearing the cough for 1-2 times, the bumps on both sides of the throat (which sometimes swell and eat anything due to the pain of these lumps-  Can not drink and fever also comes) ie there is benefit in tonsils and the blisters inside the throat also go away.


  • Keeping half a gram of raw icing (ie equivalent to pea seeds) in the mouth and sucking it, the throat gets completely clean and gets rest in just 2-3 hours.  For people who have to speak more, like singers, professors, and leaders/actors, this is an easy and very good recipe.

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