Thick hair: Thin hair does not look good, we all want thick hair. Thin hair can good, when your hair is open otherwise, in the peak it looks like a rope. Thick hair looks attractive and you can make any kind of peak most of the girls have too much thin hair they are not able to understand that should they make a peak or open the hair. If you are also upset with you thin hair so there are some natural tips that your hair will be also thick

thik hair

1 Custard oil

2 Use of chemical-free shampoo

3 Olive oil

4 Hair mask

An Egg Mask s

B Banana mask

5 Aloe Vera Herbs

6 Meth Herbs

Custard oil

Custard oil a natural and the best oil. If I say so, nothing is better than it by using it, your hair will be good health and also become thick custard oil has Vitamin that is good for your hair health apply some custard oil on your scalp or hair then wash it after 30 minutes.

Use of chemical-free shampoo

You should not use chemical shampoo, chemical, shampoo can make your hair damage and can because hair falls. Take thickening shampoo that helps you to get thick hair. for example Sunsilk, Vatika, Clinik plus these, Chick, etc. these all shampoos are good. It gives you thick, long, and shiny hair.  Guys, it is my personal experience it will not harm you harm your hair. Don’t use expensive shampoos.

Olive oil

Olive oil is also a natural product and very beneficial for has Omega 3 acid which is necessary for healthy hair. olive oil put a moisturizing effect on your hair it makes your hair shiny or smooth. Put warm oil on your scalp and in hair then leave it for 30 minutes after wash it with shampoo.

Hair mask

1. Egg mask

Apply the mask. There is an essential protein in the egg which is good for your hair for getting thick good looking hair you have to take one or two eggs and mix it properly then after apply to your hair, now leave it for thirty 30-60 minutes and then wash it with warm water and with shampoo

2. Banana mask

Take one or two banana and mash it now Add some olive oil in it then apply on your hair. Banana contains a mineral that is helpful for thick hair and makes your hair strong after applying a banana mask leave it for 30 minutes then shampoo it or conditioner.

Aloe Vera herbs

Aloe Vera herb also can give you many benefits it makes your hair shiny and thick take some aloe Vera grind it with the help of a mixer or hand then add some coconut oil or olive oil in it then apply on your hair properly and wash it after 30 minutes .be remember you have to take fresh aloe, Vera.

Methi herbs

Methi is one of the best sources to get thick and healthy hair takes some soak (Methi) put it in water for flowering at night then grind it in a mixer jar and make a paste of it now mix 2 spoons of custard oil in it and apply this on your scalp and hair. After 30 minutes wash it with shampoo it makes your hair shiny prevents dandruff and gives moisture to your hair.


Take a balanced diet

You should take a balanced diet if you want healthy thicker and stronger hair because balance gives you some good fats. Add egg, fish, walnut, yogurt, and green leafy vegetables to your daily food. Drink milk has essential protein that good for your hair.


Good supplements, nutrients are very important for your body if you have no benefit to diet so take some supplements. Take some vitamin A, B 5, B 12, Zink, Zinc, Iron, and biotin. these nutrients can give thick and healthy hair.

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