TB Symptoms:  What is TB disease, TB is a contagious disease caused by germs.

What are the TB Symptoms?

  • Cough for more than three weeks
  • Fever, especially evening fever
  • Pain in chest
  • Weight loss
  • loss of appetite
  • Bleeding with mucus
TB What are the symptoms

TB Where to check?

If there is cough for more than three weeks, then check the three samples of mucus free of cost at the nearest government hospital / primary health center where there is a test of mucus.

  • TB Testing and treatment are provided absolutely free of cost in all government hospitals.

Where to treat TB

The patient is subjected to the DOTS method in a health center close to home (health center, primary health center and hospitals).

Treatment period 6 to 8 months

  • TB Treatment method

In the first two to three months of health, medicines are consumed thrice a week under the direct supervision of the health worker. In the remaining four-five months, medicines are given to the patient for one week, out of which the first dose is given in front of the medical practitioner and the remaining dose is taken at home for instructions.


  • TB on regular and full-term treatment Get rid of
  • means of escape
  • Children born within one month from B.C.G. Get vaccinated with.
  • Put a handkerchief over the mouth while the patient coughs and sneezes.
  • The patient did not spit from place to place.
  • Complete cure of tuberculosis is the biggest means of prevention.
  • TB disease especially (85%) affects the lungs, 15% of other body parts like the brain, intestines, kidneys, bone, and joints, etc. are also affected by the disease.

TB How to diagnose

The most effective and reliable method of diagnosis (detection) of TB is to examine the mucus through a microscope as the bacteria of this disease (bacteremia) can be easily observed by a microscope.


Having an X-ray for diagnosis of TB disease is more expensive and less reliable than a sputum test, yet for some patients, X-rays and other tests such as biopsy CT. A scan may be required.


  • Is dots effective for all types of TB patients?

Under the DOTS system, all types of TB patients are treated by dividing them into three groups (new positive serious patients, old and re-treated TB patients, and new less serious patients). Sure treatment of all types of TB patients is possible through the DATS method.

TB of Dots What is TB medicine?

Today, such powerful drugs are available, due to which T.B. Disease can be cured, but usually, the patient does not take regular medication for the full duration. The most effective way is to ensure complete discharge to the patient. This method is used globally by the Health Organization for TB. There is a reliable method adopted for the control of, in which the patient is given medicines by the worker three days a week except for one day.

There are three classes of medicine under the DOTS method, the first, second, third is the deep side and continuous side of medicine. There is a need to take special care during the intensive phase and ensure that every dose of the drug, the patient, the volunteer worker, the social worker, the private medicine, under the direct supervision of the patient, is the first of the drug every week. The dose is to be taken towards you and the other two doses will have to be taken by the patient themselves. In order to take the next week's medicine pack, the patient is required to bring with him the empty baluster pack used in the previous week's work.


  • Drugs are consumed three times a week, every other day during the intensive phase. It is worth mentioning that the treatment of three days a week is as effective as a daily treatment.

If the patient does not come to the hospital on the prescribed day, then it is our responsibility (DOTS provider) that the patient should be discovered and consulted, explained by the patient on that day or the next day.


On completion of 22 doses of the intensive side (first-class patients) and 34 doses of the intensive side (second class patients), two samples of the patient's mucus should

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