T Bar Row: This is a Back Exercise that is mostly done in Back workout. This workout especially works on multiple Body parts like- Upper, Middle, and lower back muscle groups. This is a back pulling exercise. It is done to strengthen the back muscle. The T Bar Exercise has multiple variations. While doing this exercise, it's most important to follow the exact form and position to avoid pain and injury.

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T Bar Row

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How to do T bar row?

As some gyms don't have T Bar Machine. We can also make the T Bar Machine by ourselves.


  • Take yourself on the t bar Machine.
  • Get in the Lie Prone Position.
  • Hold the Bar widely.
  • Grip Bar tightly.
  • Now pull toward your chest.
  • Make sure to Make a maximum 1-inch distance between the bar and your chest.
  • make sure to move the shoulder and back blades instead of your whole body.
  • Take the Bar To the starting position slowly.
  • Repeat it.
  • Have 3-4 set and 10-12 reps every set.

Note: If you don't have a T Bar Machine. You can have a chest barbell and put it's one side in the corner so that it can not move and have a plate to the other sides. and now you can use it as the T Bar Machine.

Benefits of T bar row


  1. This workout is specially developed to work for the back muscle.
  2. It also works for all major Back muscle groups Like- trapezius, erector spine, and torso major.
  3. While doing this workout our arms are also affected Because it is also done using our shoulders.
  4. Alternate muscle is also affected like:- brachialis, biceps, and brachioradialis.
  5. It fully targets our Back Muscle. if you want a full engagement in your back you can make it.

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