Sumo Squat exercise For Butt: Targeted Main Muscles: Inner Thigh and Glutes

How to Do Sumo Squat exercise?

1)Stand with your feet 6-12 inches apart and keep your toes turned out at a 45-degree angle.
2)Squat down by pushing your hips back and keep your knees out and chest up.
3)Inhale while you are sitting down and exhale when you are rising.
4) Do not lock your knee when you are repeating the squats and keep your core tight.
5) Repeat it again and again.

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Sumo Squat exercise For Butt

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Sumo Squat exercise For Butt: Basically the difference between a sumo squat and a regular squat is your foot position. So your feet are going to position wider than your hips just like a sumo wrestler. That is why see there you go. What's really important Here that, Your knees and your tones are going in that same direction you don't want your knees going in and your tones going out that has lots of added stress.

You also don't want that. So, you really make sure everything's nice and lined up these are really pushing out to be overheating right around over the ankles and then I recommend the toes. So, We're just going to be abuse one here. You want to have your chest nice and open just like regular squat abs engaged. Just like a regular squat. Because that, really helps particular bathrooms are adding waitressing.

One thing to keep in mind too is, your sumo stance does not have to be in the exact same position and the neighbors threatened by all over we're all built slightly differently. So, Even like your leg bones muscles. So, I mean your stance maybe a little bit more in where someone else's a little bit wider. So, you need to just remember. It Doesn't muscle.

If you decorate someone else's adjust your feet to what's most comfortable for you. But, keep in mind with these tips about form and things like that.

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