Stretch Marks:- Nowadays it is common to have stretches mark problems.  Stretches mark problem is caused due to skin rupture.  Stretch diminish over time but does not go away completely. Stretch marks are caused by skin growth or obesity.  Stretches are also a problem for pregnant women. Stretches occur on the stomach due to the stretch of abdominal skin during pregnancy.  Stretches occur in many parts of the body due to weight gain.  Adolescents are most at risk of stretch marks as their body grows over time.  These troubles due to weight gain. Stretches have striped looking lines in your body that does not look good at all, but these marks are not dangerous.  Commonly found in men and women. Today

I will tell you its solution

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Solution

Remove Stretch Marks from Egg White

Egg whites are taken out in a bowl.  Place it on your stretches mark and let it dry.  After it dries, clean it and massage it with olive oil.  This will remove your marks soon.

  1. Get Rid of Stretches Mark With Potato Juice

Grind the potatoes and put the grilled potatoes in a cotton cloth.  Press it properly and extract its juice.  Apply its juice to your stretches. You can also reduce stretches mark by rubbing on your marks with potato pieces.  Do this continuously for 3 weeks.  This will make you feel very different.

  1. Reduce your Weight Slowly

Many times, in the process of losing weight fast, it is forgotten that the faster the weight loss, the more Stretches mark are made on the body. To reduce your weight slowly as much as you can and eat less junk food while losing weight.

  1. You Can also Remove Marks from Honey

Take a cloth to remove the stretch from the city.  Add honey to it and place it on your search marks and let it dry.  After drying, remove it and clean the place.  You can also make a scrub by adding salt and glycerin to honey. That also reduces your stretches.

  1. Turmeric and Sandalwood also Reduce your Marks

Mix turmeric powder with sandalwood powder in a bowl.  Make a paste from it.  Apply the paste on your marks and when it is half dry then take it off by rubbing it.  From that, you will feel a difference in stretches.  You have to do this for at least 6 months.

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