Standing biceps stretch Exercise: This exercise actually stretches the bicep. Make sure to breathe naturally. Well, stretches are the awesome ways to Challange your upper-body workout. These types of stretches can really increase the flexibility and range of motion. This exercise actually relieves muscle tightness and tension, which is actually awesome for improving any performance and injury.

How to do Standing biceps stretch Exercise?

1) Just stand using your left arm.
2) Get close now to a wall.
3) Extend your left arm
4) Now just take the left hand on the wall.
5) Now just turn your body to the right gently.
6) Repeat the Step Again and again.
7) You have to also follow the procedure with your other hand.

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Standing biceps stretch Exercise

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While doing any exercise, you just need to listen to your body too. When you need to go higher and when you must take your self back. You also must know how to maintain a smooth. Relaxed breath and steady. Try not to lock your elbows or try to force any position.

Your goal in this exercise is to keep your body sideways and get your poem to touch the wall. Make sure that the fingertips are pointing straight down. Try holding this position at least 1 minute each arm. If you have any shoulder issues and you suspect it might be because of your bicep. It very well could be but, it can also be because of poor joint centration of the shoulder which means poor alignment. That's one of the biggest causes of shoulder injuries.

If you think that you have poor shoulder alignment and you actually want to fix that also and you think that that might be contributing to the shoulder issues you need to have some other exercises.

If you are having any issue in understanding you can also look at the given images. We have also given the tutorial videos for our audience. You can also see that for the best understanding.

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