Skipping without rope Exercise: This is the Exercise named Skipping without a rope, Where actually you don't need any type of rope. Here you just have to act as the rope is in your hand your just jumping through the top.

Skipping without rope Exercise

How to do Skipping without rope Exercise?

Place your arms at your sides and pretend to hold a skipping rope handle in each hand.

Jump and alternately land on the balls of your feet, rotating your wrists at the same time as if you were spinning a rope.

1) Just Take your arms to your side
2) Now Imagin you are holding a Rope in both hands (as we actually hold).
3) Now Jump and land using your balls or your fee.
4) While jumping makes sure to rotate your wrist at the same time (as we actually do).

if you want to have A detailed Steps you can Follow image or See our Below video

Skipping without rope Exercise

See below Video

Benefits of skipping without rope exercise

1) By doing this exercise you actually train your Cardiovascular fitness.
2) This exercise can increase the strength of your leg.
3) You can easily increase Stamina by doing this exercise.
4) You can have better Coordination.
5) It also increases the bone strength.
6) You can learn how to balance your body weight.
7) this exercise also increases your agility.
8) By doing this workout you actually do the full-body workout.
9) It also increases body flexibility.
10) You can also increase our Endurance.

This exercise can be done anywhere and anytime. The best thing is that you don't need any equipment to do this awesome workout. Here one more amazing this is that you have to just imagine that you are holding a rope here. If you actually don't know how to do jumping rope, You can easily learn this. As a beginner, if you are trying your best to learn the rope running exercise, here is the only issue you will fail multiple times due to rope. But in this exercise you just image rope and as the rope is not actually there so, you are not going to fall down. When you have enough practice to do it, you can start practicing with the real rope.

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