Skin Care Tips:- Skincare as we know that, in our locality how much defect our face, we all have followed these Skin Care Tips daily going outside for many reasons no matter how was the weather, if we have some important work from outside we can’t hide from sunlight, pollution, bad air, dust, and many harmful things, which is harm our skin and dull it before the right time.

we have to take care of our skin our sake if we don’t protect our skin that will be dull and become ugly.

let’s know about what is skincare and how to protect our skin in all weather.

So let’s begin,

Skincare is a part of the treatment of wound healing, radiation therapy, and some medications.

To prevent these side effects we should follow these skin care tips.

skin care

1 Background

2 Sunscreen

3 Acne

4 Neonate          

5 Pressure sore

6 Stoma

7 Nutrition

8 Wound healing

9 procedures


let’s talk about its background the federal food drug and cosmetic act defines cosmetics as a product intended cleans and beauty, A separate category exists for medications, which are diagnosed cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease or to affect the structure of your skin.



Sun protection is the most protective thing which we aspect from our skin, by the way, the sun is beneficial for our body to fulfill its daily vitamin (D) but the unprotected sunlight also harm our skin, ultraviolet radiation sun’s rays can cause sunburn in varying degrees, early create symptoms of skin cancer and can cause skin tone and dry out the dry skin. Sunscreen can protect our skin to damage our skin, sunscreen can be applied over the body areas that will be applied at least 1 tablespoon(25ML) of chest, face, limb, and back to ensure that the coverage many moisturizers foundations, and primers now contain some SPF.



Acne can occur in any age with its causes including mentality, hormones, menstruation, food, and emotional stress.

According to the American Academy of dermatology across 40 and 50 million people affected the acne effect each year.



Guidelines from neonatal skincare have been developed, nevertheless. The pediatric and dermatologic communities have not reached a consensus on best cleansing practices.

As good quality scientific evidence is scarce, immersion in water superior to washing alone, and use synthetic detergents or mild liquid baby cleansers seems comparable and superior to water alone.


Pressure sore

Pressure sores are injuries to the skin  and underlying tissues as a result of prolonged pressure on the skin. A known example of prolonged sore is bedsore called pressure ulcers.

pressure sore


When cleaning the stoma area plain warm water should be use and wipe to gently clean around the stoma pat gently and make sure not to rub the area put on the wipes and putting all the disposable wipes and wash your hands after use.



2001 American society for clinical nutritional skin care: health effects from micronutrients and fatty acids Esther Boersma Henk fj Hendriks and len Roza


Wound healing

Wound healing is a complex and fragile process in which the skin repairs itself after the injury, it is susceptible to interruption and failure that creates non-healing chronic wounds.

wound healing


Skincare procedures include the use of botulinum, exfoliations fillers laser medicine in cosmetics resurfacing, hair removal, vitiligo, port-wine stain, and tattoo removal photodynamic therapy microdermabrasion peels, rational therapy.


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