Simple Makeup Tips:- As we all fond of Makeup which gives us a beautiful look. All girls want to look beautiful but so many girls are who don’t like more makeup they think that it so complicated today I have brought some best simple makeup tips which can follow every girl

How to Apply Makeup

There you will get to Know

What you have to do before applying makeup

Some simple basic makeup tips

What  should you apply first, concealer or foundation

Eye Makeup tips

All tips Follow and your looking is perfect according to you

What you have to do before Applying Makeup

A pre-makeup routine simple cleanse-tone-moisturize regime to cleanses your face of excess oils, as well as keeps it hydrated so that the makeup sits properly and evenly on your skin.

Before knowing about these makeup tips first you should know how to prepare your face.

A pre-makeup routine is not as important but your regular but a simple cleans –tone moisture is main which not solve only the problems of oily skin nay also give you hydrated.

1 wash you face

1 wash you face

Apply a suitable cleanser for your skin for dry skin you can use a cream-based cleanser if you have oily so use a gel-based cleanser.

2 Toning skin


It s necessary to reduce oily,acne-prone skin take a cotton ball put some toner and apply it face to neck

Take a moisturizer

Apply moisture cream on your skin it's very importantly your skin should be hydrated before you apply makeup its make your skin soft and smooth

Simple Basic Makeup

1 Face premier

Face premier

It gives you smooth skin and makes it long last buy a face premier according to your skin type, apply BB cream, cc cream, and tinted moisture it good

2 Concealer

2 Concealer

The concealer is a makeup product which is helpful to cover dark circle and blemish, in more complex makeup routine concealer plates help to get glowing and reduce dark sport, dark circle, blemishes.

3 Foundation

3 Foundation

Foundation is a product that makes your skin brighten too much unnaturally it chose the best foundation that suit your skin type .put some foundation on your hand and Apply with help of brushes.

4 Colour Eyeshadow

4Colour Eyeshadow

You should color your eye shadow its a good option to simply make up routine you can also try in dull pink or nude shads you wish so you can also apply Eyeliner instead.

5 Lining Your eyes

5 Lining Your eyes

The line you eye on the bottom of your eyes it simply. remember simple makeup means simple look if you want to look good and doing makeup so expensive or fancy eyeliner is not important you can try a simple good quality eyeliner. there are two types of eyeliner Pencil eyeliner its thin and Liquid Eyeliner is dark shapes.

6 Color lips 

Before using any lips product use a toothbrush to scrub away on lips area give some moisture to your lips use lips balm. Chose a lipstick

completes your look


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