Side-lying leg lift: This exercise can let you avoid the lower back pain and you can also improve the back strength. To prevent the back pain you actually need to strengthen the core of your back muscles. This exercise actually helps you to Create more muscles in your body.

How to do a Side-lying leg lift?

1) Lie down on your side with your legs extended out straight.
2) Your Lower arm can rest under your Head.
3) Your top arm can rest on your hip.
4) Raise the top leg up while keeping your hips steady and facing forward.
5) Do not rotate forward or backward.
6) lower down and repeat for an added challenge wear an ankle weight.

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Side lying leg lift

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You may never wish to skip the leg day after knowing about this workout. After adding this workout in your daily workout. you can shape and strengthen your hips, thigh, and backside. This exercise actually a great and most simple way to build the strength. You can also build the strength into your outer thigh and in the hip abductors, which actually includes the gluteus medius and minimus. Gluteus maximus is the strongest muscle in your body and it usually the most well-known muscle of the derriere.

You can also engage your major big groups of muscle. By doing this exercise you can have stronger legs that contribute to better performance. This exercise can make your legs toned and strong. In most cases, a strong leg plays a big role in your daily life routine. While doing leg workout you decrease the weight of your overall-body. Leg muscle is also connected to most of the big groups of muscle that is broken while doing the leg exercise. while doing the leg exercise you sweat a lot.

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