Side leg circles Exercise: This exercise works your thigh, Glutes, and lower abs. In this workout, you just also have to make sure that your body stays straight. Make sure to breathe regularly while performing this exercise. Well, this exercise is also known as a one-legged or single-leg exercise. This is a great pilates mat exercise that increases the strength of the core, hip muscles, and glutes. It also improves pelvic stability. You actually don't require any equipment to perform this exercise.

How to do Side leg circles Exercise?

1) Just lie on your right side with your head resting on your right hand.
2) Now just lift your left leg and rotate in a circle motion.
3) Repeat it again.
4) Follow the same procedure with your other side too.

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Side leg circles Exercise

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So this exercise is really challenging Actually on the abdominals. Even though you're also working over the muscle of your legs. So every time the leg passes by the ankle, you have to exhale. You also have to that as you are doing this exercise in a circular motion so you have to also do it in reverse circle motion here. This is most important to make it in a reverse circle motion. If you really want to make this challenging, Put your hand on your hip. You may also not be able to go as quickly. But, you really be able to see how much you were using your arms to support.

One this is also most important here and it is that if you do circle way up here and you don't pass by the ankle. You just Stick. It's really not that hard. You don't really get out of it. It's taking the leg through the range of motion by the ankle, which makes it a little bit more difficult. So this is the Side leg lift Exercise.

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