How to Do Side Hop Exercise?


1) Stand On the floor
2)Put your hands in the front of you
3) Hop From Side to Side now.

Side Hop Exercise : Side hop is a great basic movement that is going to get your legs involved and get your heart rate up. So all you do is you stand somewhere on your flor and you're going to pick an object on the floor, if you have a tile or something like a crack in the floor that you can jump across, makes it a little easier. You can also set an object down on the ground. You're going to keep your hands up in athletic stance, and you're just going to hop side to side. So it's like this, Back and forth. From the side, back and forth.

Check out below Image to Get a Better understanding

Side Hop

Very Basic movement, it gets your heart rate way up. If you want to get a little more advanced, you can actually add a squat into your side hop. So you can squat and hop, squat and hop, back and forth. From the side, squat and hop squat and hop. So again, if you're doing your squat-hops, make sure that knee does not come over the toe and you keep all the fundamentals of the perfect squat-you're keeping your chest nice and high, your head forward, and knees not coming over the toes, and you're dropping back with your glutes. So from the front, side to side. And that will be your squat or side hop.

We recommend you to check out below video regarding Side Hop Exercise.

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