Side Fat: -The worst effect of unhealthy food is on our stomach, due to which the fat increases in the stomach. You try several methods to reduce the stomach, this reduces the front part of the stomach, but the side of the abdomen remains like a tit. If you too are suffering from side fat problems then this article is of your use. Side Bally Fat Workout male. Side Bally Fat Workout Female.

  • Focus on catering

To reduce stomach, first, start with catering.  Because reducing belly fat depends on eating 80 percent correctly. Eat a healthy and balanced diet with macro and micronutrients. The most important thing is to try to avoid fast and junk food. As far as possible, eat only the prepared food at home, it will reduce the amount of oil and spices, which will be helpful in reducing your side fat. Do not consume any diet made from sugar and sugar.

Focus on catering
  • Eat these foods

There are also some diets that will reduce stomach weight by consuming them. These diets reduce fat in a natural way. Consumption of garlic, onion, ginger, cayenne, cabbage, tomato, cinnamon, and mustard reduces excess body fat. It is good to eat a piece of raw garlic and an inch of ginger in the morning. Also, taking hot water in the morning with lemon juice and honey also reduces weight.

Eat these foods
  • Exercise the ball

Exercise the ball to reduce side fat.  To do this, lie flat on the back of the ground.  Now, raise a big ball with a big arm on your arm in your hand and lift both your legs up.  Now hold the ball of your hands in your feet and then move the feet down and take the ball again.  Then, lift the ball which has been lifted from the feet, again in the hands.  Perform this action 12 times in a row.

Exercise the ball
  • Plank side

Plank the side to reduce excess fat deposited on the side of the stomach.  Do the side planks with both right and left hands.  This will reduce belly fat.  This is a very beneficial exercise to reduce side fat.  Do 1-2 minutes from one side, repeat this action 4 times.

Plank side

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