How to do Side Crunches Exercise For Abs?

  • Lying on your left hip, Your right leg should be slightly bent with your left foot behind your right foot.
  • Put your right hand behind your head and place your left hand on your side. In a crunch like motion, use your obliques to lift your torso off the floor.
  • Now up your hip bringing your ribcage towards your hip.
  • Lower your body down so it lightly touches the floor and repeats reverse procedure For the Opposite side.

You can follow this step for the left and right sides both.

Follow the image

Side Crunches Exercise For Abs

Check out below video to get a demo

Benefits of Side Crunches Exercise For Abs?

1) It totally targets the external obliques.
2) It also targets the internal obliques.
3) It also strengthens the side ab wall.
4) It targets the core muscle.
5) You don't need any Gym Equipment.
6) Removes Side fat.
7) Best to Decrease your belly Fat.
8) It's an awesome exercise to get your abs Fastly.
9) It Removes your overall body fat.
10) Helps to avoid the back pain.

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