Shoulder exercises: The cable front raise is a variation of the front raise and an exercise used to build the muscles of the shoulders, utilizing the cable pulley machine is useful in that it provides constant tension on the targeted muscle group as you move the weight throw the range of motion.

How to do Cable front raise Shoulder exercises?

  • Get to the standing position from of Cable machine.
  • Now just Catch the rope.
  • Make sure to keep your chest up and also shoulders back.
  • Now just prepare yourself and Lift the arm toward the front.
  • Don't forget to keep your arms straight.

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Shoulder workout

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Does front raise worth?

Well, it works on your traps mostly. It's the most effective workout that can increase the size of the trap.

Benefits of Cable Front Raise


  • This workout allows you to Work on your Taps.
  • It gives direct tension to the Traps.
  • It really helps to give a "V" shape to your Shoulder.

The front raises are push or pull?

let me describe to you this what is push or pull?.
So the front raises both it is described by two days. The first is push day or full day.

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