Sensitive skin problem: is a common problem that is common today. Sensitive skin problems are more common nowadays because creams and face wash are chemicals in everything. Everyone's skin is different, so if you use a product that your skin cannot withstand, because what kind of chemical is there in them? This gives you sensitive skin problems. We will tell you some of its home and medical treatments so that you can take care of your sensitive skin and get rid of it.  Due to sensitive skin, we often feel swelling and itching on the face, so we use such products that are perfect for our skin. If you have more problems then you should use the product for your skin with the advice of a doctor. sensitive skin issues.

sensitive skin treatment at home

Sensitive Skin Medical Treatment

  1. sulfur
  2. 2.graphites
  3. 3.sepia Officinalis
  4. 4.natrum muriaticum
  5. Rhus Toxicodendron

Sensitive Skin Home Treatment

  • Tomato juice

If you have sensitive skin then there will be a lot of blackness and spots on your skin.  There will be more trouble during summertime. To get rid of it, you can mix three teaspoons of tomato juice in lemon juice and apply it on your face.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil is used in every household.  Coconut oil is beneficial for all skin types. If you massage your body with coconut oil before swimming, coconut oil protects your skin from saltwater. If you massage your sensitive skin with coconut oil, it will protect your skin.

  • Amla

There are many types of gooseberries.  Amla juice has many nutritional properties. If you massage your sensitive skin with Amla juice, then your skin will glow a lot. You will feel a difference in your skin by mixing amla juice in mild lukewarm water every morning.

  • Raw milk

Raw milk keeps your sensitive skin clean and it helps your sensitive skin to be good. It is difficult to have troubles with sensitive skin in winter, but still, you have to take care of your sensitive skin.  Soak a piece of cotton in raw milk and apply it on your face and then wash it with lukewarm water.

  • Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is very good for sensitive skin.  It is one of the best natural ingredients for sensitive skin and applying it removes itching and redness from your face. You have applied aloe vera gel on your entire sensitive skin and leave it to dry overnight. In the morning wash it with plain water. After applying aloe vera gel you will feel slight itching. But you will not scratch it. She will recover on her own.

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