Seated Low Row: This is one of the best Back exercises that can gradually increase the back size. In General, It Fully Hits your Overall Back muscles. This is a Cable pulling exercise. Specially latissimus dorsi is hit here. Arms are also hit in this workout. This is also a that is done by everyone either he/she's in beginner, intermediate or advanced level. This workout is most recommended. 

How to do Seated Low Row?


  • Sit on the Pulling machine.
  • Grab the bar tightly.
  • Choose your desired medium weight.
  • Make sure that your knees are slightly bent.
  • Just pull them toward your abdomen.
  • Let your back go back.
  • Don't Move your Upper Body.
  • Make sure that your target the upper back by keeping yourself straight and squeezing the shoulder blades.
  • let the handle go to the starting position slowly.
  • Repeat it.
  • You must have 3-4 Sets and 10-12 Reps per set.

Please try your best to follow up the image

Seated Low Row

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Common mistakes

Make sure to Stay away from Below Mistake and Back pain and injuries.

1) Rounded back

Make sure your back is straight. Slightly move your Shoulder back and forward.

2) Too fast on return

Don't go overweight and bounce. have the weight according to your lifting power. Make sure to give full attention to your Back blades. While returning make sure to return slowly.

3) Reduced The Range of Motion

Don't forget to go full range of motion. Most of the time what happens. We don't make the Full Range of motion cause of the heavyweight.

4) moving torso

Please don't move your torso. You have to Make your torso straight and move Back Blades.

Benefits of lat seated cable row


  1. This is a pulling exercise and developed especially for the back.
  2. It also works for the Arms.
  3. Somehow it also affects the Triceps and Biceps.
  4. This workout is also responsible to increase the Back strength.
  5. It also prevents the Back pain and injuries.
  6. Meanwhile, you can increase the wight in Deadlift, and in the deadlift, it decreases the chances of Back injuries.

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