Remedy to stay slim trim: Healthy life is desired by everyone, but the hard work required to achieve that life,Remedy to stay slim many of us do that hard work.  Remember, to get a slim body you need to be restrained in your diet and behavior. To get a beautiful and healthy body requires the same hard work,Remedy to stay slim trim. patience and patience as for any other work.  Follow these tips to become slim-trim.

Remedy to stay slim trim
  1. Respect your body and eat unprocessed foods as little as you can. Also eat food without chemical elements. Reduce the intake of refined flour, oil, chili-spices, drinks, etc.


  1. If you have pioneered eating healthy food then make a food diary. Make a chart of what you ate and what happened. If you have a good effect, you will want to eat this food for more days.


  1. It is not right to stop a particular type of food to lose weight at all. For example, women often stop eating rice, potatoes, and sweet food for weight loss. Every type of food has certain vitamins and minerals which are not found in other things. So eat all types of food but keep the quantity limited.


  1. After listening and reading too many times, now also execute - drink eight glasses of water every day.
Remedy to stay slim trim
  1. Show intelligence in cooking food as well. Grill, microwave, or bake instead of frying. The use of nonstick utensils will reduce oil and ingest fewer calories.


  1. Even after filling your stomach, try to get rid of the habit of forcibly eating the remaining food in the plate as soon as possible. Once the stomach is full, the food that goes into the stomach gets converted into extra calories, so either take less food or eat the remaining food later.


  1. Make some changes in your taste. Try to eat fruits and raw vegetables for a few days, apart from food containing cheese, oil, butter, and sauce. Eat chaat masala or just salt, lemon in boiled food.  Instead of full cream milk, use toned or double toned milk.

8.Have breakfast every morning.  If you do not want to eat toast, serial or paratha, then take a glass of fruit or carrot and tomato juice and a light snack.  Not having breakfast is harmful to health.


  1. Modern electrical appliances have rendered the body unusable. You can activate your muscles again by putting the body back to work with less use of them. Grind on cob instead of grinder, use traditional chuckle-cylinder instead of rotimaker, run washing machine once a week for heavy washing, wash daily clothes by hand.  On the day the maid does not come, apply the wipe yourself.


10.Do not take exercise as a task or burden.  Understand that this is as important as food.  If you cannot go to the gym, do light exercise at home or join aerobics.

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