How to do Quad stretch with wall Exercise?

1) Just stand with your right hand on the wall.
2) Bend your left leg and grasp your ankle or toes to bring your left calf close to your left thigh.
3) Just Hold the position.
4) Your left knee should always point to the ground.
5)keep your chest up.
6) You have to follow the same procedure with your right one.

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Quad stretch with wall Exercise

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Benefits of Quad stretch with wall Exercise

While quad stretch with the wall is being done the quadriceps muscles improve the flexibility. This is a common stretch that is used in the warmup process. This exercise can really really save you from serious injuries. You must follow this exercise before cycling, running, and yoga. Most of the exercises are there. But, this one is the most simple that you can do in the warmup process.

Before the workout, you must have a 5 to 10 minutes post-workout For stretching your muscle. You can avoid most of the injuries by adding this exercise in your warmup process. Most of the people are just ignoring this kind of exercises. People don't take seriously to this exercise. The Warmup process is the process that activates the muscles for the first time. Due to skipping this workout most people have serious injuries.

You can avoid stretch marks, by doing this exercise before the main workout. Most of the reasons for serious injuries are the strength or flexibility imbalance between the quadriceps and also between the hamstrings. this exercise also helps you to avoid serious injuries in most of the sports. Quad stretch with wall exercise is also suggested especially to those people who work on the desk. Whoever works 7-8 hours on the desk. They must do the quad stretch with wall exercise.

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