Push up exercise: This is the biggest fundamental of body Exercise. Push-Up Exercise is the Most Popular for bodyweight exercise. While doing this exercise you just need to Do a few Most simple movements. This is one of the most common exercises that can be done Anywhere without any type of Gym Equipment. This is also very Effective Exercise which uses a lot of Muscles simultaneously.

How to do Push up exercise?

1) Just Try to Get Down using all your fours. Make sure that your hands are wider than your shoulders
2) Make Straight to your legs and arms.
3) Next, You just have to take your body lower until your chest touches the floor.
4) Hold just 1 second and get back to the starting position.
5) Repeat It.

Follow the Below Image

Push up exercise

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The Most Common mistakes are like People just focus on how many reps they Can Achieve, They don't Focus on Exact position and posture. We must Maintain the Quality of our Push-ups.

Make Pushup Perfect. while following things below

1) Body Position
Movements Triceps, Chest, shoulder, Abdominal Muscles, hips, and legs. Most people neglect attention int he abdominal Muscles, The Hips, and the legs. Often they form an arched back and have lacked in body tension. if you want to avoid it, you just need to tilt the pelvis backward and take your butts squeezed very tight.

2) Arm Position
Arm position matters very much in the push-ups. It's most important to take your wrist in a nearly vertical line under your shoulder when doing the standard push-up.

3) Range Of motion
It's Most Simple. you have to take your body all the way up and down. you just have to let your body straight. Don't decrease the range of motion by taking your head forward and hips down.

4) Shoulder Blade movement
It biggest neglected point. While you go down, your shoulder blades must come together, and while you go up these must apart. Don't forget to focus on pushing them downward instead of upward.

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