Pull Up Exercise is one of the best bodyweight exercises, That can be done anywhere. While doing this exercise you use a lot of muscles in your body. Because it's bodyweight exercise you can do this exercise anywhere and anytime. You actually don't need any type of gym equipment.

How to do Pull Up Exercise?

1) Just Leap Up and Catch the Bar.
2) Make Sure To Keep Your Shoulders Back
3) Take your Core Engaged.
4) Now just take your Cest Up until your chin goes above the bar.
5) Get back to the starting position.
6) Repeat.

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Pull Up Exercise

The ultimate test of upper-body muscular strength You can easily Have an ultimate test of upper body muscle strength with this awesome exercise. While doing this exercise, You work for your Back, Chest, Shoulder, Biceps, and Triceps. But, This is the toughest Bodyweight exercise. This Exercise really Increases The Core Strenght of your Body. There are Lots of Variations: Kipping pull-up, Close-grip chin-up, Classic pull-up, Tarzan pull-up, Side-to-side pull-up, Side-to-side pull-up, Pull-up with leg raise.

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Mistakes in Pull Up Exercise

1) While Doing this exercise always aim for a full range of motion. Don't only use the lower and upper part of the moment. Just go in the full extension of your arms.
2) It should be performed with the Strength, Not with momentum.
3) Don't ever try to kick and swing.
4) Hold your positions at least for half-second.
5) Maintain your pulling balance

Grip Width

1) You must choose a grip that allows you to have a mix of expansion and adduction.
2) With this arm movement, You will target your laps in an optimal way.
3) Gripping is the most effective formula of Pull up
4) You can also try some other grips like Chin Grip and Neutra Grip

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