One arm dumbbell row: This workout is a variation of the bent-over row workout. But in this workout, you work on a single back. In Bent over row workout, you take a barbell and lift it. Here you have to do the same thing but with a single dumbbell and in a single hand. This is also done for the back muscles. It also increases back strength. This is an upper-body workout.

How to do one arm dumbbell row?


  • Take knees on a Flat bench.
  • Take arms close to the bench(supporting your body as you are going to lean forward).
  • Now just take one medium-weight dumbbell on another hand.
  • Pull the dumbbell near the abdomen.
  • Hold the position for at least 0.4 seconds.
  • Take the dumbbell to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same.
  • Have 3-4 sets and 12 reps per set.

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one arm dumbbell row

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Benefits of dumbbell row


  1. This is one of the most effective workouts that is recommended by physicians. Because It actually builds a strong back.
  2. This workout really helps you to strengthens your shoulders.
  3. Your gripping is also improved by this workout.
  4. It also hits your upper arms and the core.
  5. This workout is also responsible for shoulder health and overall functions.

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