Neck Pain Treatment: -Nowadays due to the runaway lifestyle, neck pain is becoming an increasingly common problem. The main reason for neck pain is to do or sleep in poor posture. Due to poor posture, extra tension is created in our neck muscles, due to which the pain starts in the neck.

Neck pain

In most cases, this pain in the neck is not very serious and can be cured on its own in a few days, on the contrary, neck pain can sometimes be a serious sign of some disease or injury. In this case, the pain in the neck is not cured on its own and as the day progress, the pain in the neck becomes severe.

If your neck is aching for a long time and you see some other symptoms along with it, then do not ignore this condition and immediately check it with a good doctor.  In this post, we are going to tell you about the symptoms, causes, and home remedies for neck pain.


 Symptoms of neck pain

  • Aching neck
  • Tingling in the neck
  • dizziness
  • Trembling body
  • Having trouble swallowing
  • Lymph node inflammation
Causes of neck pain

Causes of neck pain

  • Neck pain starts due to sleeping in the wrong position.
  • Neck pain also starts due to diseases like cancer, meningitis, and arthritis.
  • Driving a very heavy helmet also causes neck pain.
  • Due to excessive pressure on the nerves, there is a pain in the neck.
  • Using very large and very high pillows under the neck at bedtime also causes neck pain.
  • Neck pain is also caused by bending the neck for a long time.
  • Neck pain starts due to sitting and getting up incorrectly.
  • Due to lifting heavy weight on the head, many times it causes neck pain.
  • Sitting in the same position for a long time also causes pain in the neck.
  • Neck pain also occurs due to working on the computer for a long time.
  • Many times neck pain also occurs due to any type of injury to the neck.
  • Tilting the neck on mobile for a long time causes neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatment At Home

  • Fenugreek - Soak fenugreek in water for one hour.  Now grind the fenugreek with water and make a fine paste.  Apply this paste of fenugreek on the neck two to three times in case of neck pain.  By doing this, the pain in the neck is cured.
  • Clove oil - This home use of clove oil provides great relief in neck pain. For neck pain, massaging the neck with mustard oil mixed with clove oil gives relief in neck pain.

cloves Oil
  • Olive Oil - If you have a pain in the neck, then definitely follow this home remedy of olive oil. Heat the olive oil until it is slightly lukewarm.  Now massage the neck well with this lukewarm olive oil.  After massaging, soak a cotton towel in warm water and keep it on the neck for 10 to 15 minutes.  Doing this will end the pain in your neck.  If you have more neck pain, follow this home remedy two to three times a day.

Olive Oil
  • Ice - If there is a pain in the neck due to injury, it can be cured through the ice. Compress the injured part with ice, by doing this the pain in the neck will be cured.  By applying this home remedy two to three times a day for 20 to 25 minutes, the pain in the neck will be cured.

  • Saunth - Mixing saunth powder in mustard oil and massaging the neck with this oil gives relief from pain in the neck. Mixing an equal amount of dry ginger powder with the powder of unblemished powder and taking one spoon of milk in the morning and evening relieves pain in the neck

  • Celery - Neck pain can be disappeared within minutes with the use of celery. If you have neck pain, tie celery in a cotton cloth and make a bundle.  Now heat this bundle on a hot pan and compress the neck with it.  If you do this for a long time, the pain in the neck will disappear.

  • Ginger Tea - Ginger tea is a unique medicine for neck pain. Drinking a teaspoon of ginger paste in the tea will completely cure the pain in the neck.  Ginger is easily available in the market and drinking ginger tea also provides relief in cold cough.

ginger Tea
  • Garlic - Many types of medicinal properties are found in garlic, due to which it acts as a panacea for pain. Put three to four buds of garlic in hot mustard.


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