Nail Care: - Clean nails from time to time and cutting when it gets long better nail care is very necessary. you must cut your nail when it grows up. Many girls and boys also love to grow Nails their aim is to get a longer nail but it is very bad for you it can be harmful to you even now you don’t want to cut it but after it cut or break by yourself when it happens so it is so painful so your hand is beautiful without a long nail. Clean your nail when you grow nail we have to do so many works by hand so there come germs and Bacteria in nail and when we eat food so enter our body. Follow these tips that you can do the best care of your hand.

Nail care
  • Cut your nails by nail cutter
  • Moisturize your nails
  • Take some protein and omega 3 fatty acid in food
  • Meet with a doctor if your has pain regularly
  • Don’t bite your nails by teeth
  • Don’t use the nail as a tool
  • Cut your nail by nail cutter

You should cut your nail every week and by nail cuter not by bled it can heart you nail cutter is safe for you in nail care cut your nail after bathing that your nail will be soft. Wash your tool and hands also when you cut nails. because there are germs that you can’t see but it is available on your tool .so don’t forget to wash it.

  • Moisturize your nails

Moisturize your nail with oil or that your nails will be flexible or strong. keep your nails hydrated it is beneficial you should keep almond oil or Avocado oil on nails and cuticles that nail will not get dry brittle or flaky. Apply lip balm if you haven’t almond oil there are cuticles moisturizer also in the market so you can apply it.

  • Take protean and omega 3fatty acids to in your food

By taking good protein or omega 3 fatty acids you can get healthy nails to eat fish, nuts, and bean you can also taker biotin or fish oil supplement you can get it on local grocery shop or on the store. except it, vitamin B  is also a good source of getting strengthen nails zinc help to eliminate white spot, and iron stops the formation of ridges.

  • Vitamin A or C help to keep your nails hydrated and glossy

You should take 8grams protean per 1kilogram of your body wait and omega 3 acids are not recommended.

Your nail is more sensitive than the skin it has more ability to observe water than skin which is very bad for you, when you do too much work in water so bacteria or germ can increase. Wear gloves when you do work, like gardening, cleaning windows stool or washing dishes.

  • Meet with a doctor if your nail has pain

If your nail has pain regularly or blood is coming from nails so you should meet with a doctor if your nail is flexible there is no spots or discoloration means your nails are healthy if your nail gets injured so apply mustard oil or you can apply a tube after asking the doctor. and try to ignore putting your hand in the water

  • Don’t bite your nails by teeth

Don’t bite your nail with teeth. most people have a habit of bite nails by mouth by that your nail can get the heart and it is a very bad habit there can be scratch by that and has the possibility of breaking a nail. sometimes girls Want to cut their nail with teeth because school teachers check the nail of students in this case you can use Caesar.

  • Don’t use the nail as tools

You should not take work with a nail too much most of the time we use our finger to open a box to put out the cover phones so that also your nails get injured or break don’t use your nails to open any hard things. take a spoon to open a tiffin box or anything.

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