Mountain pose (Tadasana) Exercise: -  mountain pose (tadasana) exercise triangle pose (Trikonasana) is a word derived from the Sanskrit language.  It means in Hindi, a three-angle posture.  While performing this asana, the muscles of the body are stretched from three different angles.  For this reason, this asana is called triangle pose (Trikonasana.)By doing this asana you get many benefits such as the veins of your body.  Pulls everything out.  Whatever veins are there from the feet to the head, all are well stretched. If you follow this posture step by step, then you will see more benefits. Below are the steps to perform a triangle pose (Trikonasana), which you should follow correctly.  Spread a mat and stand upright on it.


mountain tadasan pose

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) Steps

1.Keep your feet about 3-4 feet apart from each other.


2.Keeping both hands straight, move the shoulders and palms down.


3.Move your right and left legs outward.


4.Keep in mind that the knees remain straight during the entire exercise.


5.Now slowly lower your upper body to the right.


6.Touch your palms slightly from the ground.


7.Now spread your left hand upwards and keep raising your head.


8.Keep the upper hand looking straight.


9.Stay in a similar position for a few minutes.  After this, first, raise your arms and then bring your upper back slowly upwards.


10.Give your body a rest.


You should also know how many types of Triangle pose (Trikonasana) are there and what are their benefits.  You will get a lot of help in this posture.

triangle pose

There are four types of Triangle pose (Trikonasana)

1.Circumferential TriKonasana or revolved Triangular pose


Parivrata means to move around.  The revolved triangular pose combines two different dynamic energies.  It uses the energy of hands and feet.


Benefits of Parivartan Trikonasana


Stretching the spine and buttocks


Strengthen legs


Makes the stomach organs functional


Increases physical balance


Improve breathing


Treating mild back pain


revolved triangular pose

2  Extended Triangle Pose or (Utthita tri Konaasana)

This asana is done by the strength of the thighs.  This yoga asana helps to relieve stress and lengthen various body parts.


Benefits of Extend Triangle pose (Utthita TriKonaasana)


Treats back pain during pregnancy.


Widens shoulders and chest.


Reduces stress and anxiety.


Strengthens ankles, feet and toes.


Treats the symptoms of menopause


Cures constipation.

triangle pose

3 Bound Triangle Pose or (Buddha TriKonasana)

This creates a stretch in the torso through the hands.  Stretching of the leg also opens the compressed muscles of the stomach.  This is the main pose of Buddha TriKonaasana.


Benefits of bound Triangle pose (Buddha TriKonaasana)


Upper back, shoulder and chest stretch


Muscle Stretch widens chest


Activates the heart chakra


Improves mental stability


Strengthens ankles, feet and toes


Stretches muscles of thighs, hips, shoulders and neck

bound triangle pose

4 Reclining Triangle Pose or (Supta Trikonasana)

The difference in this is that this posture is done by lying down.  All its steps are like trikonasana.


Benefits of reclining triangle pose (supta triKonasana)


Makes the stomach organs functional


Relieves mild back pain


Stretches the spine


Relieves stress


Improves physical and mental stability


Increases concentration

reclining hand pose

Benefits of Trikonasana__

1:Makes whole body balance


2:Heals blood circulation in the body.


3:Burns the fat of the waist and thigh.


4:Don't let stress


5:increases mental concentration


6:Strengthens arms, knees, legs, ankles, and chest


7:Reduces anxiety


8:Reduces back pain


9:improves digestive power


10:Treats osteoporosis and infertility


11:improves physical and mental stability


12:Makes all stomach organs functional


13:Treats neck pain and flat feet

triangle pose

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