Mountain climber exercise: This is a great way to get your heart rate up. you can build lean muscle mass and your glutes hamstrings and your quadriceps. you are going to strengthen your upper body. Because you have to hold yourself up throughout the exercise.

How to do Mountain climber Exercise?

1) Get in the push-up position.
2) place both of your hands down on the ground.
3) Bring one leg up your right leg as you are going to start race/running.
4) Now switch and take your left leg up, your right leg back.
5) Now Repeat it Again and again.

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Mountain climber Exercise

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So now Practice that for a moment one foot up at a time. Like driving those knees up as high as you can. Try to keep your head looking down. Not up or not hanging. But, Looking at the ground as you feel more comfortable you can start increasing your speed and driving those knees up. This is where the work comes in the upper body is stabilizing, abs are tight, hips are working. Then you can slow it back down. Bring your heart rate down. And then you can take it back up again. So these can be your own workouts. This is the mountain climber. Strong upper body, strong quads hamstrings and glutes all-encompassing for everything.


You can have 15-20 reps of 3 set

The benefit of Mountain climber

Mountain climber exercise is a great one for building cardio endurance. This exercise is also great for building core strength and agility. While doing this exercise you deal with several different muscle groups. When you are doing this workout, it's like you are doing a total-body workout.

List of the Organs Targeted while doing this exercise.

1) Shoulder
2) Arms
3) Chest

As this as a Cardio Exercise, You are going to improve your heart rate and you are also going to burn calories.

Common Mistakes

You have to do this workout very carefully. While not only to maximizing effectiveness but, You have to also prevent injuries.

1) Most of the people Bounce on your toes. Which is not good for their safety.
2) Some people do not allow their toes to touch the floor.
3) People Shift their weight back. You need to maintain your balance in the mid.
4) Up for a challenge. When you are an expert in this, you must challenge yourself by increasing the rep and time.

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