How to do Modified burpees Exercise?

1) Stand on your feet
2) Your shoulders must be width apart.
3) Put your hands on the ground
4) Kick your feet backwar.
5) Bring your feet back and jump now.
6) Repeat in again and again.

Follow as shown in the Image

Modified burpees Exercise

We have given the below video to get a better idea. with the help of the below video, you will have the best understanding.

Modified burpees Exercise: This is how simple. But, We always recommend you to follow the give images that actually helps you to get a better understanding. You can also check given below videos to have the best understanding.

If it's done with that jump and it does full-body you're using your legs your core stability if you do that push-up using your arms in your chest. So, there's a lot going on in this one movement. That's why it is so popular. But, Doing a burpee can be modified in many many ways.

This is the exercise that is considered by most physicians. Burpees are the exercise that torches calories. This exercise builds strength. It a full-body exercise.

This exercise is a fat-burning exercise. This exercise can burn up to a ton of calories. It's researched that if you perform any workout slowly can decrease up to 50% Metabolism. So, If you want to decrease your weight, You can follow this workout. This workout burns your mega calories. This is an intense fully body exercise. This exercise can make you stronger. Because this is a strength training workout. This is a developing conditioning workout that can actually make your fitness condition great. This is the workout, that can be done without any equipment. You actually don't need any equipment to perform this workout. you can also add this workout to any exercise. You can also add this workout to the warmup process.

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