Military Press: One of the Compound movement exercise that we generally use to increase the size of our shoulder. working on the upper arm body is the way to give the extra strength to the deltoids(shoulders). This exercise is the most effective for the arms and shoulders. The military press is all about increasing the weight and lifting.

How to Do Military Press?

  • Take a barbell, Must be resting on your collarbone.
  • lift the bar up(make sure your arms are fully extended).
  • Make sure you are standing Straight.
  • Make sure to Grip the bar wider than your shoulders.
  • your palms must be facing forward.
Military Press

Benefits of Military press?

1) This workout is used to build the shoulder muscle
2) It Increases the shoulder weight lifting power.
3) You can maximize the overall strength measurement.
4) This exercise also Builds upper-body strength.
5) It lets your shoulder have healthy mobility.
6) This exercise works on your multiple cores like- Legs, core, upper back, and Triceps.

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