How to do Lying twist stretch Exercise?

1) First Lie on the back leg.
2)Make sure legs are straight in from your lying down.
3) Make your arms out to the side in the T-Shape.
4) make sure to how you lengthen the spine, you engage the abdominal muscle on the exhalation. You'll move into the twist.
5) Enhale to your knees, Fall to the left and gaze in the opposite direction over the right shoulder.
6) How engage the abdomen exhale deepening the twist amazin way of opening and strengthening across the lower back.

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Lying twist stretch Exercise

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They open through his chest and shoulders, Inhaling here exhaling and twisting. Internally these are very powerful ways of also detoxifying the body. So, they in how you bring fresh blood fresh oxygen into the abdominal organs. On the exhale your flush them uphold here for five to ten breaths inhale bringing the knees into the chest you'll exhale. Repeat to the other side too.

Come out of the twist always that the knees fall to one side roll all the way, Help yourself up to sitting position.

Benefits of Lying twist stretch Exercise

1) It can fully help to release the lower back pain
2) You can lose weight easily.
3) it removes the side fat.
4) You can easily remove your belly fat.
5) You can have Good abs by this workout.
6) It also helps to open tight shoulders.
7) it can grow your Supporting Spinal Muscles.
8) After doing this workout you can improve your digestive system.
9) By doing this exercise you increase your immune system.
10) You actually don't need any equipment to do this exercise.

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