Lying Butterfly Stretch: Make sure you must be feeling a stretch in your growing breathe in deeply and slowly. Breath out slowly. Let your legs become heavy as they get closer and closer to the ground. Feel your shoulders your arms. Your hands just relax your hands are on your belly. You should be breathing right under your belly right under your hands and then slowly letting the exhale. Brings your hands down. You wish you can close your eyes. Focus on relaxation. Breathing in Deeper and deeper and letting legs stretch one more. When you're finished. Slowly straighten your legs. Gently come out of the stretch.

How to Do Lying butterfly stretch?

1) You just have to lie on the floor using your feet together.
2) Open your knees to the sides.
3) Hold this position Now.
4) Have more sets as much you can.

Breathing in, Out and relaxation pattern

Make it as shown in the image

Lying butterfly stretch

We always recommend you focus on the steps and our given images to get a better understanding. You can also Check out our given below videos.


A butterfly stretch can really improve the flexibility of your inner thigh muscles. The Inner thigh muscle is actually used to draw the legs together. It totally helps you to maintain stability and balance. this stretch can also open the hips, Which can be tight from sitting for long periods. Most probably this exercise is recommended to pregnant women.

This is a great stretch for the athletes. A butterfly stretch is made to target the inner thigh areas. You can do this workout after doing the lower body workout. You can also do this after running.

Common mistake

1) Bouncing: While stretching you must be straight don't bounce yourself.
2) Don't press down forcefully ever.
3) Don't ever try to hold your breath. It can really heart you a lot while any exercise.

Safety and Precautions

Make sure you feel stretch in your muscles. But, you must not feel any pain in your muscle. Discomfort is fine. it happens while performing any workout. But, if you are feeling the actual pain anywhere in your muscle. Feel free to contact your Physician As soon as possible.

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