leg raises exercise: - The area in which our abs appears is known as the rectus abdominus. When we perform exercises of abs then we mostly hit rectus abdominals. Abs leg raises is an exercise that helps you to build your abs. This exercise hits the lower part of your rectus abdominus (abs).

How To Do Leg raises exercise?

  1. To perform this exercise all you need is a bar on which you can hang. It is also available on some squat rack.
  2. Hold the bar with your finger in an outward direction.
  3. Lift your body by applying pressure on the bar.
  4. Not aloe your shoulder to flex as it may have bad effects on shoulders. Also, create a little bed in your elbows too.
  5. Lift your legs and squeeze your abdominal part as shown in the figure.
  6. Do complete range of motion. Also, bend your lumbar spine.
  7. Now bring your legs down and again lift them up.
  8. Repeat the steps and perform the expected number of repetitions.

We recommend you to check below image

leg raises exercise

We recommend you to check below video

Common Mistake Done During leg raises exercise

  1. People hang on their shoulders that are they over stretch their hand which is a wrong posture.
  2. During hanging direction of the finger is inside which is wrong they should be directed outside.
  3. Bad elbow posture. Some people stretch their elbow too much which wrong as it may lead to an elbow injury.
  4. Use of momentum to lift their legs upward.
  5. Incomplete range of motion, such as not bending your lumbar spine.

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