Lat pull down : This is one of the Best and Basic Back Exercise. Lat pulldown is a compound exercise and this is basically designed to work for the back muscles. There are also some alternate muscles over it works. Well, it's also a strength training exercise. This workout is done specially for the latissimus dorsi muscle. latissimus dorsi muscle is the Back Main Muscle and this exercise mainly hits the latissimus dorsi muscle.

How to do Lat pull down?

  • Sit on the machine and adjust your thigh.
  • Grab the bar widely.
  • Let your shoulder blades react, and pull the bar down toward your chest.
  • Make sure to touch the middle chest or have a maximum of 1 inch of distance between the bar and the chest.
  • Don't forget to Grip the Bar tightly as you have to make this movement multiple times.
  • You have to increase the weight every set.
  • Don't go overweight. Have a liftable weight.
  • Repeat it.
  • Have 3-4 Sets of this workout and 12 reps every set.

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What body part is affected by this workout?

latissimus dorsi muscle is the back part that is mainly hit with this workout. This workout can actually make your full body posture and good spinal stability.

Benefits of lat pulldowns.

This workout works on multiple parts of your back.

  1. It hits the latissimus dorsi muscle(Upper back to the side of spin).
  2. It also hits the trapezius muscle (The muscle which is behind your neck).
  3. It also hits the trapezius muscle (The muscle which is behind your neck).
  4. While doing this workout your rotator cuff of the shoulder is highly used. That is why it's most affected while performing this exercise.
latissimus dorsi muscle
trapezius muscles muscle

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