Kneeling lunge stretch: The Kneeling lunge stretch exercise is also known as backward lunge and Reverse lunge exercise. The Kneeling lunge stretch exercise is generally done in the form of warmup and cool-down exercise. This exercise helps to stretch tight hip flexors. While sitting a long time at one place your butt gets weak. While doing this exercise you actually repair the weak part of your butt.

How to Do Kneeling lunge stretch?

1) Now lie on your back
2) Next, Bent and feet flat on the floor.
3) Now raise your one leg up.
4) While raising your hips, Make sure to raise it up as much as you can.
5) Now you can get back to the starting position and repeat it again and again.

Make it as Shown in the image

Kneeling lunge stretch

Make it as Shown in the image

Except for this workout, you can also do running or cycling to repair your weak points of the butt. The Kneeling lunge stretch exercise work for your lower body muscle. This exercise also challenges standing lunge and it also strengthens your core of lower back muscle.

Common Mistakes
To get the best result, you actually need to perform this exercise in the proper form and you can also avoid injuries by doing this exercise in proper form.

1)Don't Bend your knee too far

While bending your let it must not exceed 90 degrees.

2) Do not bend your back too soon
before you have shifted the hip bones up, don't go into a backend.

You have to adjust your standing lunge to make it harder or easier. It's all up to what your body needs. If you have any knee injury or any other type of injury, you actually need to your doctor. Standing lunge stretch is actually good for you. you may need to stretch your hip flexor in multiple ways.

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