Knee to chest stretch: This exercise is done to stretch hip and lower back muscles. it relieves pressure to the spinal nerves as it creates more space for those nerves because they exit the spine.

How to Knee to chest stretch?

1)Lie on the floor with your legs extended.
2)Take your left knee up and grab it using your both hands.
3)Pull your left knee towards your chest as much as you can while keeping your right leg straight on the ground.
4)Hold this position for a few seconds.

You can repeat these steps with right and left both.

You can also see the image for the better coordination

Knee to chest stretch

Check out also Below video.


This exercise is not the best for all types of pain. if you are feeling increased pain while performing this exercise, You must stop it immediately and need to call any spine specialists. Have suggestions only from your spine specialist regarding your back or neck pain.

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