How to do Knee Push-ups Exercise?

1) Get in the Regular push-ups position.
2) Touch the floor using your knees.
3) Now raise your feet up off the floor.
4) Now you just have to push your body up and down.


Sets and reps

Make it 10-12 reps and at least 3 sets.

Follow below image

Knee Push-ups Exercise

Check out our below video

Benefit for Knee Push-ups Exercise

1) It increases the strength of the core.
2) It also increases the rate of metabolic.
3) By doing this exercise you can reduce your bone loss.
4) For strength training, you can add knee push-ups to your upper body warmup routine.
5) This exercise really targets your Shoulder and back.
6) You can perform this exercise at the place of Normal Push-ups if you are not able to do it.
7) This exercise can be also added in the warmup process.

Important information

Make sure your body is in a straight position from your knees to head. While doing this exercise you are going to tuck the stomach in, tense the glutes. So, That's the setup position. After getting up once you just need to relax for a second. When you go down make sure not to collapse.

When you go down, Make sure to stay a few inches off and then come up.

Common mistakes

1) People lose the straight line. So their hips might come back and then go down. So this is not correct.
2) As you go down the head drops and you scrunch up your back. Here we should make them nice and tall, Your chest out. A tall chest as you go down.

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